Photo Gallery

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Field Day

Pictures of various Field Day Events
AD7BF Field Day 2014 Album
SCHC Field Day 2014 Album
AD7BF Field Day 2012 Album
Snohomish County Hams Club Field Day 2011 Album


Pictures from annual ILLW Weekend
ILLW 2015 Special Event Station N7M aboard the LV83 Album
ILLW 2014 Special Event Station N7M aboard the LV83 Album
ILLW 2013 Album
ILLW 2011 Album

Salmon Run

Pictures from annual Washington Salmon Run
Salmon Run 2015 - Washington State QSO Party
Salmon Run 2014 - Washington State QSO Party
AD7BF Salmon Run 2013 Album

Other Events

Picture albums from Other Special Events.
Vintage Aircraft Weekend 2015, Paine Field, WA - Special Event Station N7P
Vintage Aircraft Weekend 2014, Paine Field, WA - Special Event Station N7P
Stanwood-Camano Amateur Radio Club Flea Market 2014 Album
Communications Academy 2014 Album
Mike & Key Ham Radio Flea Market 2014 Album
Reunion Dinner After Mike & Key Flea Market Album
N7P - Vintage Aircraft Weekend 2013 Album
N7P - General Aviation Day 2013 Album
County Hunters from Snohomish County

Do It Yourself

Step By Step Instructional Photos (use titles to describe your steps)

Waiting for album contributions to this category.

Ham Shacks

Local Hams Share Ham Shack Photos
Multi-Operator Ham Shack Photos 2014

Send us your 720 X 420 Ham Shack photos and we will add it/them to the gallery.

Share Your Ham Related Photos

Do you have interesting Ham related Photos? If so, why not share them with us? It's pretty simple really. You just have to remember a couple of things.

Our Viewer Size

The viewer is 720 X 420 pixels and does not size pictures, so you must get as close to that dimension as possible. Any photo editor will allow you to crop and resize pictures.

Pictures are loaded in the viewer from top-left, so anything over 720 pixels to the right is cut off. Likewise, anything over 420 pixels to the bottom is cut off.

Smaller dimensions are also acceptable, but we encourage you to get as close to our viewer dimensions as possible

Preparing Your Is Photos Easy

We have written a special Windows program (download is in Library) that allows you to set up your pictures as an album on this site. You simply need to have all your pictures in the same folder and run this program to process them. Then you just send us (attach it to an email as a zipped file) your picture folder to
SnoCoHams.Net email address.
That's it!