What Internet Browser Do You Use?

This site will operate and look best on modern browsers. It is always advisable to make sure you are running the latest version, no matter what Internet Browser you use. The site should render on any device from a TV to a Smart Phone due to using fluid HTML5. The site also uses Javascript.

If you are using Microsoft's Internet Explorer under version 10, I would either update or switch to a more standards complient browser, such as Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, or even Opera. You will be safer on the Internet and pages will render much nicer.

If you have an old Windows PC and you use Internet Explorer, you may not be able to update to the latest version. In this case, I would opt for a third-party browser like Firefox or Chrome.

As a web developer, I am not a fan of Internet Explorer. Most developers aren't. That is because IE is always slow to adopt web standards that other browsers incorperate much quicker. The IE 'box model' is also different and harder to design for. Finally, fixes are slow in coming. IE version 10+ are getting better at being standards-complient. Evenso, I would recommend a third party browser like Firefox or Chrome.

Mac users should keep Safari up to date. This site will render fine on Macs.