How to create and submit an article without using HTML

Create Your Article

Use a text editor not a word processor. The difference is a text editor is just that, text only. A word processor uses markup to change the style of the page, like font style and size; color and boldness; and italics etc. Word processors save their documents in filetypes like ".doc", etc., while a text editor always saves a file as ".txt". Your article will be part of a web page, ie HTML, which is in itself a markup language. Markup changes the display style of the content.

Your text should have the following three things.

  1. A title heading at the top
  2. Paragraphs separated by white space
  3. A paragraph subheading wherever the topic changes. It should be on a line by itself with a space separating it from the next paragraph.

So it would something like this:

Subject Title Of My Article

Possible Subheading here describing the topic of the following paragraph(s).

Paragraphs here. Each one separated by a blank line. Use as many as you need and add more subheading titles where you need them, just remember to leave them on a line by themselves with a blank line separating them from the next paragraph.

You cannot use images if you submit an article of just text. The web staff will have to spend a little time putting in the basic HTML markup for you and don't have time to also add images. If you want images or extra styling then you might want to do a little studying on HTML and CSS. HTML is very easy to learn, CSS is a little more tricky, but not extremely difficult to understand the basics.

What the staff will do with your text

The staff will take your text and put it in between the Body Tags of the HTML template. You can download it a take a look at what it entails.

Then next thing would be to surround your article title with h2 tags, then your subheadings with h3 tags, and finally each of your paragraphs with p tags. That's all there is to it. It would be of great help if you could learn to do this yourself. The supplied template has easy to understand directions on how to do this and it would save the web staff time and energy.

Review and Submit

After you have created your document, make sure to review it for any markup or spelling errors. If everything looks good, its time to submit it to the web staff so they can review it and add a link to it on the Library page. Just send an email to the site Gmail address with your article attached, include any images that go with it. It is best if you just put everything in one zip file. Write 'Article Submission' in the Subject field of your email and send it to the following address.