Event Calendar Help and Information

What is it?

The Event Calendar is a public google calendar ported to this site. Authorized members are able to update and add events to the calendar. Users can view and search the calendar for events, and can view details for them by clicking on them. Events associated with an address can also pull up a google map and directions to the event.

If a user has a Google Account, he or she can also subscribe to the SnoCoHams calendar and import it into their own calendar. They can also get notifications of upcoming events. You do not need a Google account to view events and details on the SnoCoHams calendar, it is ready for your use now. The benefit of having a Google Calendar account is that you can get notifications and easy access to it from your Google account. Of course, members who are authorized to make changes to the calendar are required to have a Google calendar account, because that is where they edit it.

What is a Google account

Google has many service, such as email (gmail), Google Voice (voip), Calendar, and many others. Some of these services require an additional login, but you only need one Google account. For instance, if you are in Gmail and go to your Google Calendar, you will need to log into that, but you use the same login as your Gmail, or any other Google service you use.

Create your own Google Calendar

You will have to create a Google Calendar before you can use it.

If you already have a Gmail account, just select "Calendar" from the top of the page. You will be asked to create one and login. Once you have a calendar you are set.

To import the SnoCoHams Event Calendar into your own, select "Add a calendar" under "Other calendars" and type in the email address associated with the SnoCoHams Event Calendar, which at the moment is:

For more information or to create your own Google calendar visit this link.