2-meter Simplex FM Frequencies

Yes, you can operate simplex without a repeater on two-meters FM! And the audio usually sounds better than working through a machine. These simplex frequencies are handy to have programmed in your base, mobile and HT transceivers for rag chewing, working FM DX, and emergency communications.

There are obviously more simplex frequences available. The frequencies below follow the ARRL band plan and are the even, 30 kHz frequencies based on 15 kHz splits.

    Suggested Band Plan

  1. 146.43
  2. 146.46
  3. 146.49
  4. 146.52 National Calling Frequency
  5. 146.55
  6. 146.58
  7. 147.42
  8. 147.45
  9. 147.48
  10. 147.51
  11. 147.54
  12. 147.57
Hint: Program the alphanumeric display on your radios to read X 643 indicating simpleX and a frequency of 146.430 MHz and so forth. It makes it fast and easy to QSY to simplex.

Also: It is good etiquette to move from 146.52 to one of the many open frequencies once you have made your contact. This will free the Calling Frequency for others to make Simplex calls without having to interrupt your QSO.