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2 Meter Band Repeater Frequencies
OutputInputToneCall SignLocationNotes
145.190144.590127.3N7GDELyman HillSkagit County RASC
145.250144.650131.8San JuanSan Juan VHF linked to Orcas via UHF. NET's Wednesdays 8PM. Nets are ACS check-in then round-table.
145.330144.730179.9K7NWSWest Tiger MtBEARS
145.350144.750103.5W7ZLJOlallaGig Harbor
145.370144.770136.5W7AAOGrass MtPierce County ARES/RACES
145.390144.790123.0W2ZTEverett, WA
145.430144.830179.9KD7WDGI think this is around Bremerton. Please correct me if wrong.
145.470144.870100.0K7CPRCapitol PeakOlympia CPRA
145.490144.890103.5Lk Washington
146.620146.020103.5WW7RAGold MtKitsap County WWRA
146.660146.060103.5WA7STSea-TacHighline ARC
146.720146.120103.5N7SKSheltonMason County ARC
146.760146.160100.0W7FELStriped PeakPort Angeles Clallam County ARC
146.760146.160103.5WA7FWFedral WayFedral Way ARC
146.820146.220103.5K7LEDEast Tiger MtMike and Key ARC
146.840146.240100.0Victoria BCCanadian Repeater Open Net Weds 7PM. After call-ins Net moves to 146.58 Simplex.
146.880146.28088.50WR7VGreen MtPlease Note: This repeater out of operation as of early 2014. Listing kept in case it returns, which has been rumored.
146.900146.300103.5WW7MSTSeattleWWMA Med Service Team
146.900146.300131.8N7JNSan Juan IslandsSan Juan Islands ARS
146.920146.320123.0WB7VYAGranite FallsSnohomish County DEM Caution using this repeater as it is used for emergency traffic and training.Formerly Mt Pilchuck, this machine was moved a few years back.
146.960146.360103.5WW7PSRSeattlePuget Sound Repeater Group. NETs 9am/pm every day except during Sea-Fair.
147.040147.640103.5WA7FWFedral WayFedral Way ARC
147.080147.680103.5W7GLBCougar Mt
147.160147.76088.50W7ZAAberdeenGrays Harbor ARC
147.180147.780103.5WA7LAWEverettSnohomish County Hams Club. Open Net every Sunday evening at 7PM.
147.280147.880103.5W7DKTacomaTacoma ARC

70 Centimeter Band Repeater Frequencies
OutputInputToneCall SignLocationNotes
441.800446.800141.3W7AWWest SeattleWest Seattle ARC
442.650447.650103.5WW7RAGold MtKitsap County WWRA
442.950447.950103.5WA7FWFedral WayFedral Way ARC
443.100448.100103.5KE7WMHSeaTacSeaTac ARC
443.325448.325103.5N6OBYEast Tiger Mt
443.450448.450103.5N7JNSan Juan IslandsSan Juan County ARS
443.500448.500103.5W7VMIVashon/Maury IslandVMIRC
443.550448.550103.5W7SRZSeattleWestern Washington Medical Services Team
444.300444.800103.5WA7WKTBuck Mountain
444.375449.375203.5AJ7JASeattleSeattle International Japanese ARC
444.475449.475103.5W7NPCBainbridge IslandBainbridge ARC
444.550444.950141.3WW7SEASeattleSeattle ARC
444.575449.575103.5WA7LAWGunsite RidgeSnohomish County linked repeater. NET Sundays 7pm. Linked to VHF 147.18 machine.
444.700449.700103.5WW7SEASeattleSeattle ARC

1.35 Meter Band Repeater Frequencies
OutputInputToneCall SignLocationNotes
223.860223.260103.5WA7MBYLyman Hill5 County Group.
223.880222.280103.5W7PIGCamano IslandStanwood-Camano ARC
223.980222.380100.0N7NWEast Tiger Mt
224.120222.520103.5K7LEDEast Tiger MtMike and Key ARC
224.220222.620103.5WA7FUSLake Forest Park
224.280222.680103.5K5INCapitol PeakLinked full-time to N7IPB repeater on Lyman Hill in Skagit County.
224.340222.740110.9K7NWSWest Tiger Mtn.
224.380222.780103.5WA7DEMNorth Marysville Sno County DEM. open to all amateurs when not in use by county. DEM Net Tuesday mornings.
224.480222.880103.5N7JNMt. ConstitutionSan Juan County Amateur Radio Society
224.540222.94067.00WA6MPGMt. Constitution
224.660223.060103.5W7UFIGold Mtn.Near Bremerton. Good coverage of Puget Sound area.
224.680223.080103.5W7SRZSeattleWestern WA Medical Services Team.
224.760223.160103.5WB7DOBBaldi Mtn.German Shepherd Search Dogs
224.780223.180103.5N7IPBLyman HillThis repeater has very good footprint itself and is linked to the K5IN repeater on Capitol Peak to extend it even farther. Excellent system and lightly used currently.
224.980223.380103.5WA6MPGMt. ConstitutionThis repeater may have changed frequency, relocated, or been taken off the air. Can anyone confirm? Please let the webmaster here know. Thanks.

6 Meter Band Repeater Frequencies
OutputInputToneCall SignLocationNotes
53.09051.390100.0W7UMHLyman HillSkagit County
53.15051.450100.0K7CRWest Tiger Mt
53.43051.730100.0W7NPCBainbridge IslandBainbridge ARC

10 Meter Band Repeater Frequencies
OutputInputToneCall SignLocationNotes
29.62029.520110.9AA7UJWoodinviille, WA
29.68029.580110.9W7UMHMt. Constitution