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Photo of Buzz Inn Steakhouse, Arlington

SnoCoHams is an independent network of Ham Radio operators in the Snohomish, Island, and South Skagit county area.

Stop on by for breakfast with "the crew." This isn't a "club," there is no "meeting," it's just a friendly monthly get-together for breakfast, coffee, and camaraderie. YLs and youngsters welcome. New hams, old hams, even the spoiled hams!

We get together on the second Saturday of every month at the Buzz Inn Steak House in Arlington at 9:00 a.m. See you there!

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A Note to SnoCoHams.net Members

Don't forget, the SnoCoHams e-mail reflector is back in service! If you'd like to get the word out to the group about a ham radio event or something ham radio related, such as some equipment for sale, an interference issue, an antenna raising party, or whatever (just keep it ham radio related) please do not hessitate to make use of this resource.

I have added those individuals who expressed to me their wish to be on the list and I've also added "active" members from Bob's old list to the current one. By "active" I mean members who sent e-mail to the snocohams.net reflector in the past two or three years. I know there were many more members within that time frame than are on the list currently but, if you didn't send any mail to the reflector, I don't know your contact info or that you were on the list so I was not able to add you. If you would like to be on the list and are not currently, please use the feedback link on the bottom of this page to send me your contact info and we'll work out the details of getting you added on.

VY 73,

Eric, AD7BF

New Utility For Picture Contributors

Logo for Picture Parasite Creator program

We now have a Windows program for you named, Picture Parasite Creator. This program is for easily creating and sharing your photos as an album, on this site.

No need to be wary of the name, a pictureParasite.html is a special file included in folders of pictures on our site that controls the picture viewer. It tells the viewer the file names of the pictures in the folder and assigns title text to each one. It also controls transition effects and other controls.

All you have to do to create and share an album with us is to have all your pictures in one folder and run this program-pointing to that folder. The program will let you view your pictures one at a time and add text to describe each one. Finally, it will give you a snippet of html code that you can send along with your compressed (zipped) picture folder, to us. (Note: Before running the program you will want to make sure your pictures are as close to 720 X 420 pixels, which is the size of our viewer)

You can download the program from our Library. The program does require Microsoft .NET Framework version 4.x to run. Your computer may already have the .NET Framework installed, but if not, I will be adding links in the library so you can get it. Thanks to the .NET Framework, the program size is very small. It is less than a megabyte. And it is free!

The Picture Parasite Creator is for creating and sharing albums; multiple pictures. If you want to add a single picture, say to the HamshackPhotos Album, just send the picture and description of it that you would like shown.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Joe via Feedback. Be sure to select 'Note To Joe' in the subject line.

Updated WWARA Band Plans

The Band Plans in the Repeater Lister have been updated with the latest from the WWARA. It is more complete and up to date than the previous version. It is the same version as on their website.

Join Us In Creating A Site With A Wealth Of Useful Radio Information

We invite your participation in supplying valuable information for fellow Hams by contributing your knowledge and resources throughout the site. We need photos in the Gallery, video links and articles in the Library, and other useful content that can help others become more knowledgeable Hams.

Eric (AD7BF) and I (Joe K7KOJ) have built what we think is a pretty good platform for you. Changes are sure to be made here and there as the site matures, but the basic structure is sound now, and ready for your input.

Suggestions, Comments and Questions are also welcome. There is a Feedback link on the bottom of every page for easy access. Attachments and other corespondents can be sent to the official site email address: . Looking forward to hearing from you. Joe.

What's Happening

Ham Radio Events at a Glance


Second Saturday Breakfast

Sat April 8th at 9 a.m.
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Cascade Radio Club Monthly Meeting

Wednesday April 19th.
Location: PUD Auditorium,
2320 California Ave., Everett, WA

SCHC Monthly Meeting

Sat April 22nd at 8 a.m.


Second Saturday Breakfast

Sat May 13th at 9 a.m.
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Cascade Radio Club Monthly Meeting

Wed May 17th
Location: PUD Auditorium,
2320 California Ave., Everett, WA

SCHC Monthly Meeting

Sat May 27th at 8 a.m.

Ham Surfing

N5OJJ's Echolink Forum
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KJI Electronics
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Western Washington DX Club, W7DX
Cascade Radio Club, W7EK
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Snohomish County HAMS Club, W7LAW
Stanwood Camano AR Club
Puget Sound Repeater Group, WW7PSR
Radio Club of Tacoma, W7DK
Clark County AR Club, W7AIA
Vashon-Maury Island RC W7VMI
Yakima Amateur Radio Club, W7AQ
Issaquah ARC, W7BI
Willamette Valley DX Club W7AC
Federal Way Amateur RC, WA7FW
Rodeo City Radio Club, WR7KCR
Idaho - The Magic Valley Amateur Radio Club
Pacific Northwest VHF Society
Chehalis Valley Amateur Radio Society
The Island County Amateur Radio Club W7AVM
Northwest Automatic Position Reporting System
Other useful websites
DX World, News for DXers
SolarHam, VE3EN's solar-propagation page
NOAA Space Weather Prediction Center